Livingstone Footwear

Fashionable functionality

A contemporary collection of men shoes that are comfortable, perfect tting, lasting durability, combined with a modern contemporary look. A collection with a wide choice between sporty and elegant, but always ensuring the perfect fit. 


  • Extra heel and sole rigidity for increased foot support 

  • Flexible forefoot for natural gait development 

  • Supports the malleoli and helps to control 
the ankle joint

  • Helps to promote good posture 

  • Provides all of the heel and toe space needed to 
allow the foot to develop naturally 

  • Contoured insole, positions feet correctly inside the shoe

  • Made from high quality leather and components 
for breathability, comfort and longevity 

  • Minimal seams to prevent rubbing 

  • Available in UK men sizes 6 - 13
  • Available in widths F, H and I


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Adaptations, insoles or both?

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